Digital Solutions for Identifying and Removing ERW.

Minefields and unexploded ordinances litter the globe. A problem going back much more than 50 years and unfortunately we are witnesses to it growing with each passing day. We are committed to developing, designing and improving tools to detect, neutralize, and remove mines, UXOs, and ERWs.

“ Millions of people in nearly 80 countries still live in fear of landmines and explosive remnants of war, which take an unacceptable toll on lives and limbs, and people's livelihoods ” — Ban Ki-moon

The Origin Story

The Question

A mentor of mine recently challenged me, as he is want to do. Every year we lose our people to these devices! How can we reduce the risk and automate the process of removing them. How would you solve this problem? Take a fresh look and get back to me with an answer.

Brain Storming

We built a list of detectors, devices, and mechanisms directed at the detection, neutralization and removal of ERW. We know we alone do not have all the answers. We study, listen, learn and apply what is feasible. Brainstorming, trial, error, and determination guide us.

Small Steps

The only reasonable thing to do is to take the incremental steps necessary. From above sweep the landscape looking for anomalies and unnatural adulterations of the land. Using analytical techniques to categorize and focus our efforts. Ultimately to bring automation to this tedious, difficult, and dangerous work.

Meet our Team

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Edmond ‘Ed’ Vea

Founder and Consortium Leader CTO/Solutions Architect

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Joseph Hupy, PhD

UAS/GIS/Analytics Soil Contamination Expert

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Rigel Turner

Regulatory Affairs

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Marko Peljhan

Educator, Researcher, Co-Founder of C-ASTRAL

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Irina Maple

Program Manager/Logistics

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Sakshi Sinha

Data Scientist/Analyst

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Cameron Wingren

Research Asst/Analyst


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